I am an admitted California wine and food geek and the best thing I ever ate was fois gras on brioche toast, with a perfectly poached egg on top, all swimming in a rich, creamy sauce, paired with a white Rhône wine. It was at a restaurant called “Le Jardin” in Montpellier, France and it changed my perception of what food could be. Every bite was heaven.

Foie Gras, especially when paired with the right wine, will rock your world!  Luscious, creamy, savory and sinfully delicious, foie gras can be prepared in a variety of ways and is usually served in small portions, because it is so decadently rich.

My writing career occasionally affords me some surprising luxuries – the reason I wrote this piece was that I was hired to write a couple of pieces by Pascal Brighi, who launched the Paris-based website www.foisgrasgourmet.com. He even sent me samples and I can’t wait to try them!

Because I am a professional wine judge and wine writer, located in Sonoma County, California, I am lucky enough to be part of a rich network of wine and food professionals – we all love to eat amazing foods and pair wonderful wines with our food. I asked my friends what their favorite wine pairings for fois gras were and their answers were varied and really interesting. Here’s what they had to say:

Michele Anna Jordan, Chef and Writer www.micheleannajordan.com “Iron Horse Russian Cuvee is always lovely with foie gras. Any good sparkler works well, as the bubbles serve to stimulate the trigeminal nerves, which we interpret as cleansing and refreshing, even though that’s not really it. Yquem, of course. Handley Gewürztraminer. Navarro Gewürztraminer. I could go on . . .Also, preparation and other ingredients are a consideration . . .”

Sabrina Silva, Certified Sommelier, Owner/Writer of www.gotchabythegrapes.com: “I’m a huge fan of bubbly with fat. So a grower vintage Blanc de Blanc for herb seasoned fat, Pinot Meunière bubbles for fruit component flavored to enhance the sweet while cleaning the palate with the perfect acidity…lastly a high quality cava for almost any flavor combination. This from the girl that always has a Blanc de Noir handy for my annual BLT shenanigans.

Sandy Poze, Certified Master Sommelier, Retired Chef, Professional Wine Judge: “Some Rosés work well if they have the depth and I had a wonderful pairing of fois gras with nouveau Beaujolais once. Just had a beautiful 2013 Alpha Omega Chardonnay with foie gras, love big rich Chards with foie gras, really complimentary to both.”

Christian Callec, Wine, Gastronomy & Travel Blogger. Professional Wine Juror: “I prefer a rich dry, full white with a nice acidity and body to pair with goose foie gras and a nice, fresh, full, earthy dry white with duck foie gras. In the first case, a good Bourgogne Blanc (chardonnay), but also a great Alsace Pinot Gris (grand cru!)… In the second case, a good Jurançon (Gros Manseng + Petit Manseng!) or a not too sweet Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh… And of course, a great sparkling wine is always good!”

I even had a couple of friends suggest pairing it with a good Cognac, Armagnac or even a rich Chimay beer. However you pair your foie gras, know that you are in for a true gastronomic treat!