Why “The Wine Wench®?”

Why  The Wine Wench® ?

Pull up a barrel to sit on, a bottle to pour from and a glass to sip from and I’ll tell you why. I am a rustic, medium bodied, slightly-aged-yet-still-enjoyable woman who loves wine. I love to drink wine, I love to share stories about wine and I love to share wine with my friends and family. I’ve even filled up my bathtub with Rhone reds and enjoyed a wine bath (It was GREAT!). I feel that too many people take wine waaay too seriously, and that wine should be fun. I tend to be irreverent and lusty – hence, the Wine Wench is a title that suits me perfectly.

It all started back in the early 1990s, when I hosted a local radio show where I would interview different winemakers and taste wines live on the air. One of my friends dubbed me the “Wine Wench,” and ever since then, I have done my best to be worthy of the title.

I have been happily employed in the wine industry for over 30 years and have done just about everything a Wine Wench can do, including managing tasting rooms and wine clubs, outside and direct sales, helping with crush, event planning, judging wine competitions, writing for wine publications, consulting and lots more.

A while back, I trademarked the term  The Wine Wench™ because there are now two other women out here in cyberspace calling themselves “The Wine Wench.” I was here first AND I’m the only one of us that lives and works in CA Wine Country. I’m also the only long-time professional wine judge of the three of us. Put that in your glasses and drink it, faux-wenches!

My mission from Bacchus is to gently educate people about the joys of wine. Ready? Let’s go!



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