I’m Tasting & Reviewing Wines Again!

Oct 3, 2014 by

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The Wine Wench® Fall/Winter Tasting Schedule – 2014

After a bit of a break, I’m back to reviewing wines on a weekly basis. My consulting business is ticking along nicely and it’s time to get back to tasting and reviewing wines!

If you’d like to submit your wines, this is a no-risk proposition, because I never say anything bad. If a wine doesn’t meet my standards, I simply won’t write about it. My mom taught me, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” That’s my wine reviewing tenet.

Reviewing wines is something I really enjoy doing and have done for many years. I gather my three or four of my favorite wine professionals, bag up the wines (all wines are tasted blind) set up the glasses and away we go!  If you were a fly on the wall at these tastings, you’d laugh your ass, er, wings off – they are a lot of fun and tend to get rather raunchy.

11/14/14: Value Wines for Thanksgiving
11/21/14: Rosé
11/28/14: Chardonnay
12/5/14: Pinot Noir
12/12/14: Holiday Wines
12/19/14: Bubbles
12/26/14: Good Deals for the New Year (Priced under $20)

Dates posted are actual tasting dates. Please submit your samples a few days in advance. Thanks!


Email  susie.winewench@gmail.com for sample submission guidelines.




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