Organic Wine Is Sexy And Affordable!

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Organic Wine Is Sexy And Affordable!

Like my friend Jo Diaz with her passion for Petite Sirah, I have decided to specialize in a certain arena of wines, namely organic and biodynamic® wines. I will still occasionally feature non-organic wines, but for the most part I’m going green.

Veronique Raskin, Owner/Founder and Chief Bottle Washer of The Organic Wine Company, is largely responsible for this paradigm shift. I first met with her a few months ago and she shared several wonderful (and underpriced, in my humble opinion) organic wines from France with me. I tasted through them and was amazed by the quality and affordability of the wines. More on those wines later.

Veronique is also responsible for recently getting me and several other American journalists over to Montpellier, France to cover the 20th Annual Millésime Bio World Organic Wine Fair (thanks again, Veronique!!). It was an educational and delicious trip that I won’t soon forget. That trip was all about organic wines and it helped solidify my conviction that I’m writing in the right direction.

Drinking organic and biodynamic® wines appeals to me on several levels – the wines are better for me and my healthy lifestyle (I eat organic foods whenever possible and shy away from fast foods and processed foods) and the farming of organic grapes is better for our planet and those working in the vineyards. To me, it just makes sense.

Now that I’m finally caught up from my trip to France (I was like a hamster on a fast-moving wheel there for a while – trying to get everything done), I’ll be back to reviewing wines just about every week.
Today’s wine is a non-vintage Delmas Blanquette de Limoux sparkling wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, affordably priced at only $20 per bottle.

If I had only one word for this wine, it would be “wow!’ It is really, really good! Mouthwatering aromas of baking bread and toast are enhanced by green apple and honey-dipped toasted almond notes. The mouth is crisp and refreshing, with a vibrant mousse, and the flavors of apple, toast and honeyed almonds linger through the finish. At only $20, this wine should be in everyone’s fridge, ready to pop open for a Sunday brunch or weeknight treat. This wine is available online at

Just a FYI…According to legend, Blanquette de Limoux was the world’s first sparkling wine, dating as far back as 1531. Take that, Dom Perignon!

My next post will feature a piece by my darling Tim about our trip to Montpellier. The man can write! Stay tuned…


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