Great Deals for the New Year!

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Great Deals for the New Year!

Ah, the life of a Wine Wench – living and working in paradise (Sonoma County), eating fabulous foods and drinking wonderful wines every day. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta live it! It would cost a small fortune to keep my cellar stocked with my favorite wines if I wasn’t already working in the wine industry, but never fear – There is a boatload of great wines out there available at bargain prices just waiting for for me (and you, too!) to enjoy.

This review is all about really good wines  (five stars on the Wine-Wench-Scale) that are all priced at $20 or less. I would (and do) happily drink any of these wines and proudly share them with some of my wine-geekier cork dork friends. Ready? Here we go…

Bargain Sparkling Wines

Five Stars
NV Brut Cuvée $10.99
This wine is Charlize Theron, biting into a ripe, juicy Pippin apple. The juice dribbles down the side of her face. You reach out a finger to wipe it off, then…
Anyway…this wine is delicious! It’s zippy, zesty and fruity and only $10.99!

Five Stars
Gran Cuvée Cava Spain $18
This refreshing Spanish sparkler is spicy, racy and complex. It’s loaded with aromas and flavors of cinnamon, allspice and green herbs. Picture Antonio Banderas, lounging in the herb garden, wearing nothing but a cinnamon-dusted matador’s cape and you’ll be with me on my happy little Wine Wench planet.

Five Stars
Segura Viudas
Brut Rosé, Spain $10
Wow! What a steal! This is the kind of bubbly you should always have around the house – it is absolutely delicious, inexpensive and waaay too easy to drink! It is a brilliant dark coral color, with a vibrant mousse (that means lots of bubbles). As you sniff, aromas of juicy cherry, rose petals, toasted almond and a touch of clean mineral delight the nose and continue as flavors in the zippy, zesty mouth.

Bargain White Wines

Five Stars
Hop Kiln
2010 Thousand Flowers CA $16
This refreshing white blend is a tropical vacation in a glass! It is super aromatic, with aromas and flavors of exotic fruits and flowers, with a juicy, bright mouthfeel. All that’s missing are the little umbrellas and a pool boy (OK, pool MAN) to rub suntan oil on my back…

Five Stars
2010 White Blend, Lodi $18
Perfumed aromas of ripe peach, nectarine, citrus and white flowers explode from the glass and continue as flavors in the zippy, juicy mouth. Can you say “quaff?” I knew ya could!

Five Stars
2009 Blanc, CA $12.50
Who ARE these people? This is the second wine I’ve tasted from them and absolutely loved (the first was their Rosé). The wines are well made and well priced. And the labels are really chic, too! This white blend is gorgeous, with abundant aromas and flavors of citrus, honeysuckle and savory green herbs. I’d have a “Bad Romance” with this wine any time!

Five Stars
2010 Timbercrest Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley $18
Wow! Seductive aromas of sage, lemongrass, mint, grapefruit and white flowers delight the nose and continue on as flavors in the balanced, juicy mouth. Buy some. Buy some now!

Five Stars
Donna Fugata
2010 Anthilia $15
Dried flowers, grapefruit, peach and mineral aromas lure the taster into a bright, fresh mouthful of deliciousness. This Sicilian white wine is sassy and crisp, like Ellen DeGeneres wearing a freshly pressed white cotton button-down shirt and pinstriped slacks – she’s cracking jokes nonstop. This wine will make you smile.

Five Stars
2010 Albariño, Rias Baxas, Spain $15
“When I saw her face, now I’m a believer. Not a trace – of doubt in my mind. I’m in love – oh, yeah, I’m a believer, couldn’t leave her if I tried…” This song by The Monkeys describes my torrid love affair with Albariño and this one is a beauty – chock full of aromas and flavors of ripe peach, citrus, tropical fruits, savory green herbs and clean mineral notes, all wrapped up in a balanced, juicy mouth. Buy some. Buy some now!

Bargain Red Wines

Five Stars
El Roy
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley $20
Can you say “bargain?” I knew you could! This is a delicious steal, and a classic Cab at that – loaded with aromas and flavors of black cherry, cocoa, cedar and exotic spice, lovingly presented in a velvety mouthfeel. Long finish.

Five Stars
Villa San Juliette
2008 Merlot, Paso Robles $18
Oooh! Pretty! Seductive scents of cherry, cinnamon and vanilla delight the nose and continue as flavors in the velvety mouth. This gorgeous wine is almost too easy to drink, and at only $18 per bottle, it’s a deliciously affordable indulgence.

Five Stars
2007 Red Wine, CA 12.50
OK, I’m gaga for Gaga! This is the third wine I’ve tried in their lineup (the first two were a white blend and a Rosé) and they have all been fabulous! They make me want to strap big tall high heels on my feet, put on the ol’ meat dress and belt out “Poker Face.”  Anyway, this red blend is loaded with aromas and flavors of blackberry, cherry and mocha, all dressed up in a deliciously rich mouthfeel.

Five Stars
Red Rock
2008 Merlot, CA $13.99
If Elmer Fudd ever tasted this wine he’d say “I just WUV Wed Wock Merwow! Fwavors of wipe bwackbewwy, bwack chewwy and mocha dewight my mouth!”Sorry – I was having too much fun with Fudd alliteration – this is a seriously good, classic Merlot at a bargain basement price. Just buy some, OK?

Five Stars
Dancing Bull
2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $12
This classic Cab is dark, rich and delicious, with abundant aromas and flavors of blackberry, plum, black cherry and dark chocolate. Reminds me of a dark-chocolate- dipped Johnny Depp – hold the sprinkles, please!

Five Stars
Napa Station
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley $20
This classic Cab for $20? You’re kidding, right? Wrong – it really is only $20 and a total steal at that! Mouthwatering aromas of black cherry, cassis, spice box and chocolate delight the nose and lure the taster into a luscious mouthful of consistent flavors. Made my knees weak.

Five Stars
Redwood Creek
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $8
Jam bomb! This wine is so sassy and fruity it should be spanked! Blackberry, cherry and plum jam aromas are complimented by mocha and spice notes, all wrapped up in a velvety mouthfeel. And it’s only $8!

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