Late For Thanksgiving! Bad Wine Wench!!

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Late For Thanksgiving! Bad Wine Wench!!

OK, so I blew it – took off to Southern California without my Thanksgiving Wines tasting notes. D’oh! I had planned on writing up this piece while visiting family down there, as I was enjoying the luxury of a few days off before T-Day to sit down and write. That was my plan, but as often happens on Planet Wine Wench, plans go awry. Sooo…I’m doing the Thanksgiving Wines piece today – it’s a few days late, but delicious anyway.

The following array of wines (warning – there are a LOT of them!) are just plain good and they would be good with turkey and all the sides or just about any comestibles you could come up with, including leftover turkey. Better late than never!

Here are the sparklers and white wines – the red wines are farther down the page.

Five Stars
Segura Viudas
Brut Rosé, Spain $10
Wow! What a steal! This is the kind of bubbly you should always have around the house – it is absolutely delicious, inexpensive and waaay too easy to drink! It is a brilliant dark coral color, with a vibrant mousse (that means lots of bubbles). As you sniff, aromas of juicy cherry, rose petals, toasted almond and a touch of clean mineral delight the nose and continue as flavors in the zippy, zesty mouth.

Five Stars
Iron Horse
2006 Brut Rosé, Russian River Valley $50
This gorgeous pink sparkler will steal your heart (and a few bucks too, but, hey – it’s a worthy splurge!). Aromas of strawberry, cranberry, citrus peel and savory herb notes abound and are carried through in the finely textured mouth. Yum!

Five Stars
2010 Albariño, Rias Baxas, Spain $15
“When I saw her face, now I’m a believer. Not a trace – of doubt in my mind. I’m in love – oh, yeah, I’m a believer, couldn’t leave her if I tried…” This song by The Monkeys describes my torrid love affair with Albariño and this one is a beauty – chock full of aromas and flavors of ripe peach, citrus, tropical fruits, savory green herbs and clean mineral notes, all wrapped up in a balanced, juicy mouth. Buy some. Buy some now!

Five Stars
Carol Shelton
2009 Coquille Blanc, Paso Robles $30
Oh Cabaña Boy – please bring me another Piña Colada, and then put more suntan oil on my back…uh, sorry, daydreaming here. This wine is a tropical paradise in a glass! It’s got banana boatloads of tropical fruit, exotic spice and herbs, all wrapped up in a creamy, dreamy mouthfeel. It’ll take you to a happy place.

Five Stars
Iron Horse
2009 Un-oaked Chardonnay, Green Valley $26
This is a “comfort wine” – aromas of baking spices, ripe red apple and herbs waft from the glass, reminding me of cooking good, warm things in my kitchen. These aromas continue as flavors in the bright and juicy mouth.

Four Stars
NV Cordon Rosado, Spain $12
Pink. Bubbly. Juicy. Sparkly. Delicious. A total bargain!
Aromas and flavors of strawberry, cranberry, dried flowers and green herbs abound, all served forth in a sassy, sparkly mouthfeel. Great!

Four Stars
2009 Chardonnay, Russian River Valley $28
This pretty Chardonnay is all about balance – a touch of apple here, a dab of cream there, and to top it all off, a squeeze of citrus and a dab of butter. Delicious!

OK – here are the red wines. I had to break this tasting up into two segments, because there were just so many great wines!

Five Stars
Carol Shelton
2007 “Wild Thing” Zinfandel, Cox Vineyard, Mendocino County $24
This wine is spicier than Lady Gaga in a jalapeño dress! Aromas of pepper, brown spices, blackberry, raspberry and brambles delight the nose and continue as flavors in the richly textured mouth. Yum!

Five Stars
2008 Pinot Noir, Amber Ridge Vineyard, Russian River Valley $40
This gorgeous Pinot made my knees weak! Mouthwatering scents of cherry, strawberry, vanilla and cinnamon toast will lure the taster into a perfectly balanced, luscious mouthful of consistent flavors. Long, delicious finish. Maybe it’ll make your knees weak too!

Five Stars
El Roy
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley $20
Can you say “bargain?” I knew you could! This is a delicious steal, and a classic Cab at that – loaded with aromas and flavors of black cherry, cocoa, cedar and exotic spice, lovingly presented in a velvety mouthfeel. Long finish.

Five Stars
Napa Station
2008 Merlot, Napa Valley $22
Now, THIS is a Merlot! Picture Halle Barre painted into her latex Catwoman outfit, breaking into your bedroom window and you’ll be with me on my happy little wine-drenched planet. This Merlot is elegant and balanced, with black cherry, spice potpourri, cocoa and rose petal with a sassy pinch of green herbs. The mouthfeel is silky, sexy and rich and the finish lingers on and on…

Five Stars
Villa San Juliette
2008 Merlot, Paso Robles $18
Oooh! Pretty! Seductive scents of cherry, cinnamon and vanilla delight the nose and continue as flavors in the velvety mouth. This gorgeous wine is almost too easy to drink, and at only $18 per bottle, it’s a deliciously affordable indulgence.

Four Stars
Philo Ridge
2007 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley $28
This is a bright, juicy, sassy little Pinot with attitude. The nose is redolent with juicy strawberry, cranberry and cherry cola, with a grind of pepper and pinch of green herbs. These aromas continue as flavors in the silky, sexy mouth.

Four Stars
Red Rock
2010 Winemaker’s Blend, CA $13.99
Fruit bomb! This quaffable blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah is crammed full with more fruit than a farmer’s market. Aromas of ripe blackberry, plum and cherry are enhanced by mocha and cinnamon. It is big and rich in the mouth, with loads of fruit and spice. Delicious!


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