A Rosé By Any Other Name…

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A Rosé By Any Other Name…

OK, I’ll admit it – pink is not one of my favorite colors. You won’t find any pink clothing in my closet, much to the chagrin of my more girly-girlfriends (I’m more of a black leather and lace, jeans and high heels kinda gal). You will, however, find lots of pink in my cellar. I LOVE dry Rosé, particularly when the weather is warm. Oh yeah!

Rosé is also incredibly versatile – it pairs wonderfully well with many different foods, including salmon, turkey, pork, cheeses and fruit. In my humble opinion, dry Rosé is the ultimate picnic wine (well, I also LOVE Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer for picnics, but I’ll take a good dry Rosé any time).

I tasted a handful of Rosé wines from all over CA. The following wines were my favorites:

Five Stars
2009 Rosé Wine $12.50
Now, THIS is what I’m talking about, people! This gorgeous Rosé is dry, crisp and refreshing, with abundant aromas and flavors of cherry, strawberry and green herbs. And it’s a total steal at $12.50! I’ll have a “Bad Romance” with this wine any time!

Four Stars
NV Pink Mosato, CA $12.99
This is a sparkling, slightly sweet, super aromatic wine. It’s easy to enjoy, especially if you like sparkly, sweet pink things. Perfumed aromas of orange blossom, gardenia, peach and strawberry lure the taster into a vibrant mouthful of consistent flavors. Think Britney Spears rolled in cotton candy and you’ll get the picture.

Four Stars
Rosé Cuvée, CA $10.99
This pink bubbly is really nice, with aromas of strawberry, cherry and green apple, which continue as flavors in the zippy, zesty mouth. Strawberries in a Jacuzzi come to mind – in fact, this tasty wine would be the perfect wine to enjoy, while relaxing in a Jacuzzi. Just sayin’…

Four Stars
Isabel Mondavi
2010 Deep Rose, Napa $15
They weren’t kidding when they named this wine “Deep Rose.” It is one of the darkest Rosé wines I’ve ever seen. It is a very interesting, rather serious wine, with intense aromas of cherry compote, strawberry/rhubarb pie, vanilla and spice. These aromas continue as flavors in the richly textured mouth.

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