Alas, I Have Zinned Again!

Aug 15, 2011 by

Alas, I Have Zinned Again!

Hey there, Zinophiles! I’m back with part deux of my Zinfandel tasting. These wines are priced at $20 and under and let me tell ya, there are some real gems in this pack.

Don’t let their reasonable price tags fool you – these are some serious Zins!

Ready? Let’s roll…

Five Stars
Dancing Bull
2009 CA $12

This is a $40 Zin in a $12 dress! It is lusciously fruity and spicy and perfectly balanced. Aromas and flavors of raspberry, blackberry and white pepper abound, all carried forth in a rich, velvety mouthfeel. Buy some now and let the bull dance!

Five Stars
Rodney Strong
2008 Knotty Vines, Northern Sonoma $18.50
The vines that produced this wine were so knotty, they should be spanked! Wink. Seriously though, this is a delicious, fruity wine with a peppery, sassy attitude. Scents of juicy blackberry and blackberry brambles, pine forest and pepper delight the nose and mouth. Like a naked, berry-smeared romp in the woods…

Five Stars
2009 Vintner’s Reserve, Mendocino $16

Holy exploding berry bombs, Batman! This juicy, jammy Zin is packed with blackberry, raspberry and blueberry aromas and flavors, which are enhanced by fresh, spicy notes.

Four Stars
NV Lodi $6.99

Straightforward, slightly sweet and totally enjoyable – this easy-drinking Zin is like my first boyfriend. ‘Nuff said.

Four Stars
Villa San Juliette
2009 Paso Robles $17

Like Bobby Flay in the kitchen, wearing only his apron and a dusting of cayenne pepper and cinnamon, this is one spicy Zinfandel! Aromas and flavors of gingerbread, jammy blackberry and pepper set the stage for a rich mouthful of Zin goodness.

All the above wines would be fabulous paired with grilled salmon and any kind of grilled meat, chili, stews and other spicy, hearty foods.




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