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This is part two of our not-so-petite tasting. Our intrepid panel tasted 14 Petite Sirahs, priced $24 and up. The most expensive wine in this flight was $60 and in my humble opinion, it was well worth the price tag.

These wines were excellent! This review is challenging, because I have so many great wines to write about here and they all have similar characteristics – big, plush textures, with abundant fruit and spice aromas and flavors. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! OK, here I go –

Five Stars
Stanton Vineyards
2008 Saint Helena, Napa Valley $45

Picture Johnny Depp at the BBQ, wearing only leather chaps, smiling over his shoulder at you as he bastes his meat. Ripe, juicy blackberries hang on a vine behind him. That’?s this wine – smoky, intense and alluring with lots of ripe black fruit, a hint of leather and sweet spice. Oh yeah!

Five Stars
2005 Cupa Grandis Grand Reserve $60

R.E.S.P.E.C.T, that’s what this wine gets from me! Picture Aretha Franklin, on stage in burgundy velvet, singing her heart out and you have this wine in a nutshell, er, glass. It is big, bold, spicy, complex and delicious. A class act!

Five Stars
Twisted Oak
2007 Calaveras County $24

Warm blueberry pie, cinnamon and green herb aromas delight the nose and continue as flavors in the densely textured mouth. I wanted to dive right into the glass and swim around a bit. Yum!

Five Stars
2007 Estate, Paso Robles $25

“Come to Mama!” Plum, blueberry, mocha, and spice box aromas and flavors abound, all wrapped up in a rich, balanced mouth and linger through the finish.

Five Stars
J. Rickards
2007 Brown Barn Vineyard $24

Visualize Dolly Parton, dressed in a purple leotard, eating a slab of blueberry pie, with a cup of steaming mocha on the side and you’ll get the picture. This wine is loaded with blueberry, mocha and spice aromas and flavors. Round, juicy, spicy and intense.

Five Stars
Langtry Estate
2006 Guenoc Valley $40

Anthony Bourdain, smoking a menthol cigarette as he makes Pork Tenderloin with a blackberry reduction sauce. This wine is smoky, sassy, minty and meaty, with oodles of ripe black fruit.

Four Stars
Tres Sabores
2007 Napa Valley $35

Wow! Fruit bomb alert! Aromas of ripe blackberry, blueberry and plum are enhanced by peppery spice and a little slap of leather. These aromas continue as flavors in the voluptuous, velvety mouth. You’re gonna want more!

Eos Reserve
2008 Paso Robles $25

A siren song of black fruit (blueberry, blackberry, black cherry and plum), baking spices and fresh green herb aromas lure the taster into a luscious, decadently rich mouthful of consistent flavors that linger through the finish. Buy some. Buy some now!

Field Stone
2007 Staten Family Reserve, Alexander Valley $35

Bam! Like Emeril Lagasse’s kitchen when he’s cooking up a Cajun feast (with blackberry pie for dessert), this wine has intense aromas and flavors of Cajun spice, blackberry, blueberry and a whiff of smoke.

2007 Lodi $25

Mix Marie Callender’s pie counter with a biker bar and you’ll be on the right track. Sweet blackberry and blueberry pie, smoke and leather aromas and flavors all play nicely together from the first sniff, through the long, luscious finish. Vrrooom!

Harney Lane
2007 Lodi $24

This wine is all about jammy, ripe fruit, balanced by chocolate and spice notes, all wrapped up in a super rich, balanced mouthfeel. If there were such a thing as “comfort wine,” this would be it! Like Grandma’s kitchen on baking day!

Whew! This was a tough piece to write, but the moral of the story is that there are some phenomenal Petite Sirahs out there – go forth and taste a few. You’ll be glad you did!

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