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OK, I’ll admit it – Chardonnay is not usually the first thing I reach for when I have a hankering for something cool and white (if I truly had my choice, it would be Eric on the HBO series, “True Blood”). Aromatic white wines like Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc really blow my skirt up, so I usually go for those first, but there are some excellent Chardonnays out there, don’t get me wrong – wine is all about personal preference.

I did taste some really nice Chardonnays the other day – the following are my favorites:

Four Stars
Iron Horse
2007 Russian River Valley $27
Green apple, crisp pear, toasted hazelnut and pretty floral notes all play nicely together in the nose, in the mouth and all the way through the finish. Delicious!

Four Stars
2008 Mendocino County $15
Mouthwatering aromas of melon, tropical fruit, buttered toast and baking spices continue as flavors in the clean, balanced mouth. Oh yeah!

Four Stars
Iron Horse
2007 Unoaked Russian River Valley $26
Baked apples with cinnamon, juicy pear and white flowers delight the nose. In the mouth, flavors of apple, pear, melon and a hint of butter linger on and on. Yum!

Three Stars
Sierra Vista
2007 Unoaked El Dorado County $18.50
Peach, caramel corn and white flowers set the stage here, in the nose and in the balanced, juicy mouth. This wine is way too easy to drink!

Three Stars
Seven Heavenly Chardonnay
2008 Lodi $16
Over-the-top style. The first whiff was cherry pipe tobacco, then it morphed into toffee, baked apple and buttered toast (heavy on the butter). These aromas continue as flavors in the big, lush mouth.

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