Help! I’ve drawn a blanc! (Sauvignon Blanc)

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Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite white varietals because it’s a pert, sassy wine with a ton of personality. Really! Let me lure you away from big-ass, buttery Chardonnays and lean, sometimes insipid Pinot Grigios into the adventurous arms of Sauvignon Blanc. Strap yourself in, it’s gonna be a fun ride!

My panel and I tasted 11 Sauvignon Blancs. The following 8 wines were our favorites:

Five Stars
Panel Favorite!
Cupcake Vineyards
2008 Marlborough $13.99
Think Pink performing “So What?” and you’re halfway there. This wine is super sassy! Mouthwatering aromas of lime zest, cut grass, green apple, melon and mineral lead into a zippy mouthful of consistent flavors and linger through the juicy finish. A rock star of a wine at a value price!

Five Stars
Hop Kiln
2008 Rosetti Vineyard, Mendocino County $18
Sassy and rich too?hmm?Lady GaGa in gold spandex comes to mind. Scents and flavors of pineapple, pink grapefruit, ripe melon and freshly mown grass abound, all presented in a rich, balanced mouthfeel. Yum!

Five Stars
Starmont 2008 Napa Valley $18

Complex, balanced and lovely – like Diana Krall singing Tom Waits’ “Temptation.” Aromas of lemon peel, alfalfa hay, melon and mineral notes harmonize perfectly. These aromas continue as flavors with good intensity in the luscious mouth and on through the finish.

Five Stars
2008 Fum? Blanc, Sonoma County

Oooh! Pretty! Alluring aromas and flavors of Meyer lemon, grapefruit and ripe pear are enhanced by subtle mineral notes. The mouthfeel is bright and refreshing and the zesty finish leaves you wanting another sip. And another…

Five Stars
2008 Paso Robles $14

This beautiful wine is super-floral (jasmine, lemon blossom and gardenia), with ripe melon, lemongrass and hay accents. In the crisp mouth, these aromas are replicated as flavors and linger through the finish. Oh yeah!

Four Stars
White Oak
2007 Russian River Valley $16

Poached pear, lemon zest, cut grass and a hint of toast are featured in the aromas and flavors of this tasty wine. The mouthfeel is rich, balanced and refreshing.

Four Stars
Napa Station
2008 Napa Valley $12

This is what my friends and I call a “patio pounder,” because it is so easy to drink. Engaging scents and flavors of lemon blossom, honeysuckle, melon and lime all play nicely together. This wine is a delicious bargain at $12!

Four Stars
Navarro Vineyards
2008 Mendocino County $18

The nose on this wine is incredible! Aromas of rose petal, green apple, hay, mineral and spice notes keep unfolding with every sniff. The mouthfeel is clean and brisk, with flavors of spiced apple, citrus, mineral and hay.

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