Delicious Deals For The New Year – Wines Under $15!

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I am a decadent creature. Although I’d love to be enjoying high-end Cabs, Pinots and other delightful treats on a daily basis, I simply cannot afford it. Sigh. What’s a Wine Wench to do?

The good news is that there is an ocean of delicious, reasonably priced wine out there, ready to be explored. (In pirate accent) C?mon, you scurvy bilge rats, join me on this New Year’s wine adventure! Me crew and meself tasted a shipload of wines, all priced under $15. The following were the wines we’d drink on deck (or below decks) any time:

Five Stars
Dancing Bull
2008 Sauvignon Blanc, CA $12
Can you say “steal?” I knew you could! This is a classic Sauvignon Blanc at a bargain price. I’ve gotta tell you that every time I’ve tasted it, whether in a wine competition, in a tasting panel or just sippin’ on it at home that every vintage has consistently knocked my socks off. OK – descriptors: Aromas and flavors of melon, lemongrass, cut hay and wet slate abound, all wrapped up in a rich, yet juicy mouthfeel. Long, delicious finish. Buy some. Buy some now!

Five Stars
NV Chardonnay, CA $6.99
This Chardonnay is almost too easy to drink and at only $6.99, that?s not a problem! The nose is packed with mouthwatering baked apple, buttered toast and citrus aromas, which segue into a juicy, rich mouthful of consistent flavors. Absolutely delicious!

Five Stars
Toad Hollow
2008 “Eye of the Toad” Dry Pinot Noir Rose, Sonoma County $8.99
Well, hop to it and buy some of this delicious, wonderfully refreshing dry Rose! This is a gorgeous wine, from start to finish. It is a lovely coral color (pink is the new black, you know!) and aromas and flavors of strawberry, cranberry, citrus and fresh green herbs abound, all exploding together in a bright, zingy mouthfeel and then lingering through the finish. Double yum!

Four Stars
Motos Liberty
2008 Pinot Noir, CA $8.99
Warm strawberry rhubarb pie with whipped cream. That about sums this wine up, but I’ll break it down for ya – Aromas of sweet strawberry, tart rhubarb, vanilla, a bit of toasty crust and a dollop of rich cream continue as flavors in the rich, silky mouth. Oh yeah!

Five Stars
Napa Ridge Winery
2007 Merlot, Napa Valley $12
Wow! Don’t miss out on this wine- what a deal! This is a classic Merlot at an unbelievable price. Scents of rose and cinnamon potpourri dancing with juicy black cherry and plum lure the taster into a velvety mouthful of consistent flavors – lots of black fruit, spice and floral, rosy notes. The finish is long and makes you want another sip. And another…

Five Stars
NV Zinfandel, Lodi $6.99
Fruit bomb! One sniff and your nose is telling your mouth”just hurry up and taste this, will ya?” Aromas of raspberry, blackberry, cherry and plum are enhanced by peppery spice notes. The mouthfeel is balanced and medium bodied and loaded with a fruit basket of cherry/berry and spice flavors. This wine is like a warm smile – I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.

Five Stars
Hahn Winery
2008 Syrah, Central Coast $12
Oh. My. God! What a decadently rich and delicious wine! If you are a Syrah fan, it is a must-have. Mouthwatering aromas of dark chocolate, plum, black cherry, spice and a little slap of clean leather delight the nose. In the mouth, this wine is lushly textured with intense flavors of dark chocolate, black fruits and smoky spice. One sip will not be enough!

Five Stars
Forest Glen Winery
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $11
One sniff and there?s no doubt – this wine screams “Cabernet Sauvignon!” It’s a classic! Aromas and flavors of black cherry, mocha, vanilla and cigar box abound. The mouthfeel is velvety smooth and the finish is long and delicious. This wine is a total steal for $11! Yum!

Author’s note: We bloggers now have to state this by law, so here I go…All wine samples were provided without charge from the participating wineries.
Also, I couldn’t find a website to reference for Napa Ridge, but the wines are widely available. That Merlot is really worth seeking out!

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